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Northwestern NROTC alumni are welcome and encouraged to submit family and personal news for near-term inclusion in this segment of the NU website and for later inclusion in the next regular issue of the Crow's Nest.  Submit your item to and be sure to include your class year.  Your classmates want to know how and what you're doing!  Let them know.
Alumni News
Richard E. Schlecht - 1938: "I’m still enjoying life and feel blessed at age 101.  My good friend and fraternity brother, Dick Breeden, and I still see each other." (12/16)
Jules F. Scott - 1941: "One of my WWII ships, USS Texas, BB35 (5 Battle Stars for Casablanca, Normandy, Southern France, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa), is now in Houston, TX being refurbished as a historical tourist attraction." (12/16)
James R. Ward - 1942: "Toured the Tech Institute on May 23rd with Matthew Giedt, son of Wally Giedt NROTC ’42 (now deceased) and my college roommate. I was pleased to show Matthew the Unit Headquarters as we exited the area on Haven Street. Wally served as Air Plot Officer on an escort carrier in WW II and I was on the USS Bataan, CVL-29 as a fighter director officer." (05/17)
Douglas W. Torgerson - 1946: "Living the good life at senior independent living campus.  91 years young, caregiver for wife.  Married 69 years." (12/16)
William O. Glass, Sr. - 1946: "CAPT William O. Glass, Sr. celebrated his 92nd birthday on 27 December in Concord, Massachusetts with close friends and family, including his son, Bill Jr., NU NROTC ’76." (01/17)
Clement T. Duffy - 1947: "Since I reached age 91 in March 2017, I am considering retiring from the Health Insurance business!  After 70 years – since I left NU in 1947!" (05/17)
Carl K. Hoffmann II - 1951: "Awarded a Certificate of Excellence from Martindale-Hubbell for outstanding legal skills and ethics." (12/16)
Frank W. Broadbent - 1953: "As an ex-editor of the Crow’s Nest (mimeographed), I’d like to congratulate the new crew on their excellent publication." (06/17)
Donald R. Fraser - 1956: "Enjoyed getting together with John Wilson and Walt Shure." (12/16)
Ben J. Mogni, Jr. - 1957: "Still very active with N.U. and Delta Tau Delta fraternity.  Health good.  Robert Flinn (1957) living in Ashville, NC and Naples, FL.  Health good.  Henry Johnson (1957) living in Traverse City, MI.  Active with YMCA.  Do not know whereabouts of George Hodges, who once lived in Chicago." (12/16)
Samuel A. Haubold - 1960: "Graduated and was commissioned June 1960, served 3 years aboard the USS Intrepid.  Subsequently attended Harvard Law School.  Currently live in London, UK and practice as an International Arbitrator and Mediator.  Also spend several months a year in Florida." (12/16)
Jon J. Bryan - 1961: "I retired from 20 years in the Navy in 1981.  I was a submariner first.  Then the Navy sent me to MIT for 3 years and I became an Engineering Duty Officer." (12/16)
Michael W. Anderson - 1963: "My wife and I are enjoying retirement.  When we are not spending time with our grandchildren, we like to travel.  We have a trip scheduled for Spain and Portugal this fall.  Former classmates can contact me at" (06/17)
Harold E. Zealley - 1963: "Harold (Ted) Zealley, class of '63, Marine option, passed away on May 11, 2017, in Sandy, Utah, after a long illness associated with the effects of exposure to Agent Orange while in serving Viet Nam from 1966-1967.  Ted's motto to the end was:  "I am a Marine and Marines don't give up."" (06/17)
Alan E. Baumrucker - 1964: "Retired CPA since 1999.  Enjoying Seattle, Washington and Tucson, Arizona." (01/17)
James T. Kolbe - 1965: "Since retirement from Congress, continue to be active both in Arizona and D.C. where I serve on the Board for Freedom House, International Republican Institute, Inter-American Dialogue, and Trans-Atlantic Partnership – among others." (05/17)
Henry J. Kalmus, Jr. - 1968: "Went back to Vietnam this last year.  It sure was different than 1969." (12/16)
R. Lee Griffith - 1970: "Completed 15th year of Sprint Triathlons.  Am invited to the National Championships in Omaha." (05/17)
Mark T. Brown - 1974: "CAPT Mark T. Brown, SC, USN (Ret.) is now working for Aerospace Corporation at the Los Angeles Air Force Base." (01/17)
William O. Glass, Jr. - 1976: "Entering 4th year as Senior Naval Science Instructor at Bridgeport (CT) Military Academy.  Saw classmate Dave Wirt at Class of ’76 reunion in October." (11/16)
James P. McManamon - 1980: "Enjoying post-Navy career at General Dynamics Information Technology; continuing waterfront support to USN." (12/16)
Kenneth T. Dickerson - 1981: "Recently enjoyed attending Northwestern University Class of 1981 35th Reunion." (11/16)
Edward F. Orenstein - 1983: "Real Estate broker past 29 years in San Diego, California.  Recently honored as #49 agent out of 146,000 companywide at Keller Williams Realty." (12/16)
Bradley J. Peterson - 1983: "I’ve still got my day job but enjoying retirement from reserves and looking forward to the retirement checks." (06/17)
Stephen D. Dissette - 1983: "I’m working as an independent investment advisor in the greater Chicagoland area." (06/17)
Brian J. Gegan - 1984: "Best wishes to all the grads and staff of the NU NROTC Unit – Go Cats!" (12/16)
Lisa M. Franchetti - 1985: "RADM Lisa Franchetti completed her tour as Commander, Carrier Strike Group Nine and is now serving as the Chief of Staff, J5, Strategy, Plans, and Policy on the Joint Staff.  She, Jim, and Isabel are happy to be back in Alexandria, Virginia." (01/17)
Leigh L. Kojiro - 1987: "Completing my 30 year career next summer, serving as the Navy Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer (NEPLO) for Oregon.  All are invited to my retirement ceremony next June in Portland, OR." (12/16)
David J. Dietz - 1989: "CAPT David Dietz was selected to command NR DSCA Navy Region Washington DC.  I look forward to being closer to DC in my last tour." (11/16)
Stephen P. Lindell - 1989: "Captain in the Naval Reserve, serving as a Naval Academy Blue and Gold Officer supporting the west suburbs of Chicago.  Flying the Boeing 777 for United Airlines based at O’Hare.  Go Navy!  Beat Army!" (12/16)
Giannine M. Morris - 1990: "Michael Morris (NU 1989, not NROTC) and I are officially empty-nesters with one senior and one freshman in college!" (09/16)
Harry J. Geanuleas - 1995: "Retired from active duty service as a Commander on 1 July 2016." (07/16)
Elisha D. Gowen - 2012: "I extended in Guam until April 2018.  I am currently in the ICU and the HMSB Program Manager.  I intend to apply for DUINS for CRNA." (06/17)

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