This is a listing of the Northwestern NROTC Unit Alumni who died while on active duty 

while in the military service of their country.

They gave of their tomorrows that we might

enjoy our freedom today !

LCDR Samuel Oliver Givens, Jr., USNR-‘30

LT Dan Robertson Cockrill, USNR-‘35

LCDR Ralph Stanley Blake, USN-’36

LCDR Jack Gordon Campbell, USN-‘37

LTjg Robert Lawrance Schrenk, USNR-’37

ENS Gus George Bebas, USNR-’38

LT James Lewis Milmoe, USNR-’38

LT Raymond Louis North, USNR-’38

LCDR Gilbert Leroy Johnson, USNR-’39

LT Vincent Lawson Miller, USNR-’40

ENS Harald Jensen Christopher, USNR-’41

LTjg Joseph Warren Finch, Jr., USNR-’41

LTjg Victor Lewis Juric, USNR-’42

ENS Robert William Kittredge, USNR-’42

LTjg Robert Gerard Wiltgen, USNR-’43

ENS Edward Joseph Guthrie, USNR-‘44

ENS Raymond Gayle Wood, USNR-’44

ENS Vernon Taylor Dorsey, USNR-’45

ENS Raymond Edward Roth, USNR-’45

CAPT Jon O. Nelson, USMCR-'59

CAPT Charles Wilbur Porterfield, USMC-’61

CAPT Dale Alan Luster, USMC-‘62

LT William Arthur Heep, USN-'64

Major Charles R. Waters, USMC-'72

CAPT Wade F. Wilkenson, USN-'86

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